Cakery blockchain equity slice pie cakes

Do it now.
DAO it later!

No-code, no-token, pain free dApp.
Start tracking contributions for equity & manage governance in your web3 community or startup.

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Mobile dApp for Founders & Contributors

Cakery blockchain equity slice pie cakes

Build Now. No Paper

Get everyone started verifying each others contributions.

Earn equity in DAOs.

Track Contributions

Your contributions baked on the blockchain as proof of your work.

Cakery blockchain equity slice pie cakes

See Equity Anytime

Each members slice & contribution is visible for all to see.

Founders: Incentivise contribution.

Bake your DAO!

On founding receive tokens or equity in the new entity.

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Examples of DAO Cakes

Here's a few use cases

You've never worked together. On winning, would you split equally? Sounds 'fair', but what if someone slacks off half way through? Commiting your contributions to Accord and voting ensures everyone receives their due share.

You can't deliver that project on your own, a group of you get together to deliver on the requirements. The client pays for the finished product but who did the majority of the work? Accord will tell you how to divide the proceeds.

You've a vision of the finished project but you need great designers, marketers, engineers & more... Accord helps you provide the incentives for the core team and even project supporters as you begin to market in communities and reward them fairly.

Contributing to open-source projects is a great way to grow your skills and create opportunities. Imagine if that little project grew into something bigger! Managing contributions with Accord ensures everyone will be compensated when it pays.

You're a DAO master. A few members want to explore a new project within the community. What do you do? You can save a heap of complexity by just spinning up a new Cake and whitelisting the contributors. When all is done. You can Bake and reward the contributors in your native token.

Tokenizing is somewhere in your roadmap but you've got a few things to work out together yet. Accord is a nocode way to incentivise members to contribute. Ultimately, you'll tokenize or reward significant early contributors with NFTs. Regardless, start measuring contributions now.

You want to stay nimble. Not quite ready to incorporate yet? Startup with Accord and flip into shares or tokens whatever type of entity suits and at the right time.

DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization.